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Shanghai Clean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

       Shanghai Clean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd(SCCT), is dedicated to the development & application of clean chemical technologies through comprehensive combination of organic chemistry, catalytic chemistry and chemical engineering.

       With its market-oriented research team and advanced experiment and production facilities, SCCT has got prepared to meet the customer’s requirements for ketones and their derivatives. At present it can provide such ketones as aliphatic and aromatic, cyclic and acyclic, saturated and unsaturated ketones. Methyl ketones and aromatic ketones are the main products. Both bulk orders up to several hundred tons and orders for several kilograms can be fulfilled under contract manufacturing.

       In addition to its research and marketing center at Shanghai, SCCT has two production base in China. One is located in Jilin city, Jilin province, mainly manufactures aliphatic ketones, such as methyl propyl ketone, methyl isopropyl ketone, methyl vinyl ketone, methyl cyclohexyl ketone and diethyl ketone. The other is located at Yichang city, Hubei Province, mainly produces aromatic ketones such as acetophenone, methylacetophenone, isobutyrophenone and benzophenone.

       Time to market and quality of the products are the main concerns of the company. The marketing department is in charge of speediness of delivery; every order will be evaluated and arranged at a delivery date as earlier as possible. The production department is in charge of the product quality, the quality control and quality assurance regulations make sure every batch of products in demanded quality.

       Besides the spirits of being honesty and creditable, SCCT believes in green chemistry. It keeps developing and adopting clean chemical technologies firstly at lab and then in large scale production. In this way, the company makes sure its productions and services profitable and sustainable.

       SCCT is going to be a professional supplier of carbonyl compounds, including ketones, alkohols,aldehydes and some particulier alkane & alkenes. If you have needs on these chemicals, please contacts us at :

       Shanghai Clean Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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